My Experience So Far by Lyle Guay

Nice to meet you, my name is Lyle!

SHGStudios (formerly known as Snakehead Games) is a small game development studio based out of downtown Hamilton. SHG previously specialized in web games development but has recently turned their attention to the mobile space. SHG has been around for about 8 years and are behind games such as Star Pirates and Wasteland Heroes. They’ve expanded recently, adding several new members to their team.

My position at SHG is Game Programmer. This entails working on frontend features such as UI, gameplay and communication with backend as well as tools development. An interesting thing about SHG is that people don’t have specialized roles, everyone fills multiple roles as the need arises. I’ve found myself taking on roles for bug testing, designing and even brainstorming.

So far I’ve been enjoying my time at SHG. SHG has a very open and collaborative environment where everyone helps each other out. Everyone’s passionate about game development and gaming. I’m happy to be able to utilize my coding skills that I learned from college and from personal projects.

I hope my experience at SHG gives me the opportunity to develop my technical and team communication skills. I plan to become better at writing clean code and applying coding patterns as well as become better at inter programmer collaboration.

You can check out their games at: