Social Media Roll out!

Snakehead Games is pleased to announce its latest wave in social media.

Snakehead Games

Star Pirates

Star Pirates is set following the cataclysm that renders Earth uninhabitable, where asteroid miners turn to piracy and join warring fleets, exploring, trading and fighting for survival!

Spybattle 2165

Spy Battle: 2165, set before the eponymous StarCrash, is a dystopian cyberpunk world where nanotech immortality and a resource crunch drive war into the shadows – and the hands of freelance spies. Spies like YOU!

and finally:

Zombie Moon

On the Barren Moon of Callisto, a research station lurks beneath the icy surface. This seemingly abandoned research base was home to the most classified of Ai experiments. Mercenaries are needed to determine why this station went dark, are you up to it?