Checkpoints and Skulls are now Live!

Recently, Checkpoints ( and Skulls ( went live! This is a fun one. Players are saying it’s a great addition. Yay!

Summary: This is a bonus for players who are working towards levelling, but not quite there yet. If you hit a certain fraction of a level, your resource bars refill.

A challenge with this game is that it takes SO LONG to acquire levels. We all need goals and a level can be too far away. But it’s way too late to adjust XP without massive game chaos. So…

It’s been discussed that for each level, there can be milestones where players get to that midpoint of the level, they’ll get a full refresh of energy, research, stealth etc. (yes, research too) Levels are no longer simply 45 or say 105, but are expressed as 45A, 105C etc. This makes players can have nightly fillups on the climb to next level.

These would be called Checkpoints in SB and Skulls in SP. They show up as icons, under the “Full Level” experience bar.

In StarPirates it works something like this
Levels 1 to 20 are normal.
21-25 have 1 milestone so A i.e. level 22A
26-30 have 2 milestones so A & B
35-40 have 3 milestones so A-C


NOTE: This would NOT be retroactive. So it either benefits you going forward (active play) or not at all. Historic Play and Passive Play are generally not to be rewarded, for the good of the ongoing game.

Learn more about Checkpoints (SpyBattle) and Skulls (Starpirates) in game now.