A collection of topics – new forum launched!

Over the last couple months, we’ve made some changes and improvements to Star Pirates Infinity which really help the flow of the game and the new player experience. Our focus moving forward is to try and generate more discussion about the game. We want to increase our interaction with those who are playing the game. To that end, we’ve set up both a forum and a Discord server so we can more easily interact with the community. For those unfamiliar with it, Discord is a new free all-in-one voice and text chat with a focus on games. The server is accessible here:




Our long term roadmap is to have a forum tied to SPI player accounts to remove the need for a second set of credentials. This would be more integrated into SPI, much the way our webgame forums work, but for the moment we’re going to use this forum:



If you’ve had the opportunity to try the game, we would very much appreciate if you could take a moment to leave a quick comment on the forums, or leave us a message in Discord. We’d like to know which platform you’ve tried the game on, how you found the experience, and biggest thing you noticed while playing the game; something that really stood out to you, either good or bad.

Much of this effort is based off our experiences with Star Pirates, Spy Battle and Gates of Camelot. It has been our experience that those games built a sustainable community because the players had the opportunity to interact both in an immediate shoutbox and to share ideas in the forums. We hope that the addition of forums will help increase community presence in Star Pirates Infinity. If you haven’t tried the game yet, just a reminder that it plays across Android, iOS, PC and Mac. You can download the latest version here:


Star Pirates Infinity Available Now in a Galaxy near you!


Star Pirates Infinity, the next-gen CCG from SHG studios is live for limited release. You can play on PC or Mac, or if in Canada/Australia download on Android or iOS from here: www.starpiratesinfinity.com.

Star Pirates Infinity (SPI) is a free to play, Collectible Card Game, set within SHG’s dystopian space-opera known as the Starcrash Universe.

“Star Pirates Infinity focuses on competitive PvP, deck building, and completing missions”, says SHG’s Managing Director Colin Ferguson, “SPI contains SHG’s signature social features coupled with active moderating to keep the game about the game. We’ve been creating great communities for 9 years, with the original www.starpirates.net, and other SHG titles.”

“9 years later, some of those original players, are now enjoying SPI. People tend to come for the game, and stay for the community”, adds Greg Ferguson, CEO of SHG Studios. “This was, by far, our biggest project to date, and we think it’s the best. Hopefully the new players agree!”

Almost 2 years in the making, with dozens of contributors, SPI marks a monumental accomplishment for SHG Studios and we are extremely thankful for the support we have received from ODMC’s IDMF Production and CMF’s Experimental Fund.

SPI is available on PC or Mac and if in Canada/Australia download on Android or iOS from here: www.starpiratesinfinity.com.

The Game Trailer for Star Pirates Infinity can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0uXLiI5bFN4

Questions about the game, including media requests, can be directed to: info@shgstudios.com.

About SHG
SHG Studios is an independent casual game developer. We create casual games focused on social interaction. Players come for the games, and stay for the community. Our focus since day one has been on engaging social and community mechanics with our games. Players who joined us over 9 years ago, and still play, will attest to this. Our community development dynamics allows us to punch beyond our size and battle it out with the big players in the casual gaming world. We are very cognizant this is why players choose us over our competitors, and we build our games and communities accordingly.

About IDMF
Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC), an agency of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport is the central catalyst for the province’s cultural media cluster including book publishing, film and television, interactive digital media, magazine publishing and music industries.

About CMF
The Canada Media Fund (CMF) fosters, promotes, develops and finances the production of Canadian content and relevant applications for all audiovisual media platforms. The CMF guides Canadian content towards a competitive global environment through fostering industry innovation, rewarding success, enabling a diversity of voice and promoting access to content through industry and private sector partnerships.

Star Pirates Infinity DOWN FOR MAINTENANCE

Hi Folks,

Any of our Star Pirates Infinity players in Canada and Australia are likely experiencing some issues if they downloaded the newest update on Android.

The game will give a warning about your version being out of date – this is not the case. Our data on the server is out of date, and we will be fixing that within the next day.

Basically, we have a front end client (the game you download) and the back end server client (where all the data is stored.) In order for the game to function properly, we have to release the game on the respective app stores at the same time as we update the back end data, and our data got out of synch today.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and promise a great experience when the game is back up and running tomorrow!



SHG Staff

To (Star Pirates) Infinity!

Hello All!

Today is a great day! 9th anniversary of the launch of the original Star Pirates (www.starpirates.net). Original? Yes, as Star Pirates Infinity (SPI) launches today!

Colin Ferguson (AAB) here, to tell you a bit more.


Where can I download it from?

PC:   http://www.starpiratesinfinity.com/pc (Worldwide)

Mac:  Coming veeeeerrry soon  (Worldwide)

Android: Coming veeeeerrry soon for Australia and Canada. (Worldwide in early May.)

Apple: Depends upon Apple. Likely April 28th or so. (Australia and Canada only. Worldwide in early May.)


Watch the Trailer Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0uXLiI5bFN4


So what the Heck is Star Pirates Infinity?

A Collectible Card Game (CCG) based in the Starcrash Universe, but many years further in the future and with a new cast of characters – human, alien and everything in between alike. The game has weekly (or so) events where we, over time, unroll the links between SPI and the original Starcrash titles.


Is Star Pirates Infinity any good?

Short answer, yes; all the developers are addicted to it. If you like CCG’s you’ll probably like it a lot. There are a few new twists on standard CCGs including a 2nd summoning resource, and “Table Top Mode”. If you don’t like CCG’s you’ll probably struggle for the first bit to learn the mechanics, but if you do, the game is really rewarding.

It’s also taken a cast of dozens, a million dollars, and 2 years to build. By far our biggest project. And we think we got it right.

What is the connection to the Original Star Pirates?

The main 2 links are that it comes from the same studio and that it has deep social features. Guilds and the new “Networks” enable the same kind of social collaboration and conflict that made the StarCrash Games so fun. Again, the story doesn’t seem to be that linked from the start, but you’ll see it is.


Thank you, and see you on the other side of the Universe,


Full Circle

Star Pirates Infinity wrapped up production 10 days ago, and we have been in full Marketing mode since. Placing the game in a closed beta is a good way to gather feedback from select people that aren’t us; after creating a product for 18 months, you know everything about it and have a “soiled opinion.”

Right now, we have 32 souls testing SPI, and a large number of them are players from the original Star Pirates! Some of these players have been a part of SHG’s family since the beginning, and letting them be some of the first to try a new story in the Star Pirates saga is a small reward for all their support.

The story of Star Pirates Infinity is brand new, but some of the concepts from the original Star Pirates had to be tied back so our Legacy players didn’t get lost; SPI is an island in the same ocean.

To properly tie in previously existing lore, we decided to add a number of cards with references to weapons and concepts from the original game, with plenty of player input (we were admittedly sneaky about it.) The results from our artist, Shawn, were fabulous!

Here are a couple samples:

I won’t give away the names or their abilities, but if you know Star Pirates lore well enough, you can probably guess the answer to both (although one has the name right on it.)

The game is soft launching soon in select markets to gather some initial numbers before the big push worldwide, and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you all!

Happy New Year/Badlands Draw Winner!

Let me commence this blog by wishing each and every one of you a very happy 2017.  I am personally still getting over the fact that people born in 1999 will be legal adults this year, and my beard is growing whiter with this information.

Here at SHG, we are all oiling the gears to get our next game, Star Pirates Infinity ready for release. We are excited about the progress so far and cannot wait to show the world what we have done with it. It is by far the biggest project for SHG, and every one of us are proud of it.

As for Badlands – Max Carnage, we tried something a little different. We decided to do a Draw with the prize being a real-life prize of a $50 Gift Card to the Google Play Store.

The Draw closed on January 2nd, and was drawn today via a randomly selected Player ID.


Congratulations to McArrgh! We will be contacting you shortly.


There will be another draw for the same prize commencing on Thursday, January 5th at Midnight (server time) and running until Friday, January 20th at 11:59pm (server time.)

For details on the Draw click here:

Badlands Max Carnage – Login Draw Rules



Thank you all for playing, and see you in the Badlands!

Press Start by Chris Sinclair

The last week and a half have been quite a humbling moment for me, as I am finally done school and getting paid to do what I love. I started working at SHG Studios on the 27th of June in 2016, and I am loving every moment of it.
I am working at SHG as a Unity Editor which means I deal with creating and compiling assets to create playable levels and environments within Unity. I will most likely also be working on 2D art in UI and/or menus. It took me an hour to get back into the swing of doing level design, but as soon as I was ready everything was working smoothly.

Working next to the 2 artists has proven to be very beneficial in starting to learn the ins and outs of Blender, which is the 3D modeling program that SHG uses. So far working with Blender has been a pleasant experience and I look forward to learning more and pushing my 3D skills across the board.
Working in the game industry has been nothing short of a dream come true for me and it makes the last 3 years, at Niagara College, completely worth it.

If you would like to check out some of the games that have been made or are in development check them out at www.shgstudios.com/our-games/

On Synergy and Dedication by Billy Stone

I left Brock University and did an internship at an animation studio close by, in St. Catharines. I was then offered a very lucky opportunity: being a Unity Developer for SHG Studios. I have, so far, spent 2 weeks here and already learned a years’ worth of tools, techniques, and skills. I didn’t at all expect to find something like this after graduating. I thought for sure I would be working in retail for the next couple years paying off my student loan.

When I started I was put on a project learning management tools and creating concept art (which I loved doing). The second week I was moved to another project to aid the Producer by being an assistant Producer. During my final year at Brock, I was the Producer for our fourth year games project and it went very well. So, being an assistant producer at an actual company is kind of exhilarating and a little scary.

One of my favorite things so far about this company is the synergy everyone has with each other. I have never been in, or worked with, a company that is this comfortable, yet this dedicated.

It feels like a dream company you see in the movies that leaves the audience saying “I want that job!”

First Day, First Blog by Kristian Docherty

So the first blog, the first day, the day where I finally start what I’ve been working for so hard throughout school. SHG Studios(Snakehead Games) the company that will show me how to become the man I want to be as an employee throughout game development. They’ve started me out as a “Unity Developer” which is very vague. I’ve been the production assistant as well as a 2D artist. This opportunity is unbelievable and I couldn’t be anymore happy about it.

I’ve been working on tons of documents that give other employees a pathway on how they’ll go on doing their job. Learning the back end of how a company works, how to keep employees on task, seeing the funding for the company and filling out documents for that funding, etc is a just a few things of what I’ve been up to. While working on those things also have been working on meeting schedules and wire framing screen which is creating a white box of what each screen will look like in the game. Also, have been doing 2D art which is awesome, drawing different cards and character design. For the next few weeks I believe I will be participating in more of the design side of things figuring out the missions, what will go in the store and tons more.

So, for me, I need to keep my mind on track to be beneficial for the employer as well as for myself. I know in the future I plan on taking night courses on business and relationship building so I can increase my knowledge and professionalism. I just want to be a better employer for this company as well as future employers!

Now, back to work.

‘Till next blog.

My Experience So Far by Lyle Guay

Nice to meet you, my name is Lyle!

SHGStudios (formerly known as Snakehead Games) is a small game development studio based out of downtown Hamilton. SHG previously specialized in web games development but has recently turned their attention to the mobile space. SHG has been around for about 8 years and are behind games such as Star Pirates and Wasteland Heroes. They’ve expanded recently, adding several new members to their team.

My position at SHG is Game Programmer. This entails working on frontend features such as UI, gameplay and communication with backend as well as tools development. An interesting thing about SHG is that people don’t have specialized roles, everyone fills multiple roles as the need arises. I’ve found myself taking on roles for bug testing, designing and even brainstorming.

So far I’ve been enjoying my time at SHG. SHG has a very open and collaborative environment where everyone helps each other out. Everyone’s passionate about game development and gaming. I’m happy to be able to utilize my coding skills that I learned from college and from personal projects.

I hope my experience at SHG gives me the opportunity to develop my technical and team communication skills. I plan to become better at writing clean code and applying coding patterns as well as become better at inter programmer collaboration.

You can check out their games at: http://www.shgstudios.com/our-games

Heroes Emerge from The Wasteland!

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Wasteland Heroes – Boss Wars, the Social Mobile Hero-Centric RPG

Hamilton, Canada – SHG Studios is pleased to announce the release of their newest title, Wasteland Heroes – Boss Wars. A ‘Hero-Centric’ role playing game, players will set foot in the dystopian Wasteland of the alien world “Discordia.” The planet was once a beacon of hope for survival, and is now a desolate shell. Now, you will gather a team of Heroes, clones from past and present factions, in the rush to restore order. Help characters like Dylan MacMillan and Nova Valkyrie gather together a team of Heroes in the race to liberate the world of Discordia

“Our team has worked very hard to bring this game to life with interesting characters and dynamic new game play,” says Wasteland Heroes’ Executive Producer Colin Ferguson. “We have extensive experience with the Social RPG genre on mobile and web but the Hero-Centric RPG is relatively new and full of potential. We created Wasteland Heroes as the love-child of Mad Max and your favourite Nintendo console games. Although it pulls from favourite tropes, this is a unique world for the player to explore. We have seen great Mobile RPGs that focus on monsters in dungeons, and sometimes space, but we preferred to dig into the more dystopian, post-apocalyptic vibe.”

Trailer here.  Website here.  Download Game here.

SHG highly appreciates the support of IDMF. Special thanks to Minister Michael Coteau & his team for helping us launch our new flagship title!

Check out the blog about Minister Coteau’s visit here.

Wasteland Heroes leverages our 8 years of industry-leading social gaming, and over the next few months expect to see growth into Player vs Player, Guilds, Social Events, and more!

Wasteland Heroes – Boss Wars is available on Android now. The game is free-to-play, with micro-purchases available in-app.




About SHG Studios

SHG Studios develops and manages free, highly social, casual browser based games and mobile social RPG’s. A proud Canadian Software Developer, founded in 2008 as Snakehead Games. SHG Studios has a strong commitment to the social aspects of the gaming community. Other SHG titles include Star Pirates, Zombie Moon, Spy Battle 2165 and Gates of Camelot.