Winners, Winners Everywhere

We’re already receiving submissions for our super awesome Writing Contest. Are you entering? Are you telling all your friends, family and co-workers? Are these rhetorical questions?

Well, it’s not the only contest we’ve got on the go. Just recently I was tapped to judge a lovely little do on the Star Pirates forums. The question was asked “Why do you like Star Pirates?”

For fun! It’s a relaxing sort of fun with a lot of good conversations on the side. After a time, you recognize names in the shoutbox and it is as if old friends walk into the room. And there are no necessary fees; you can have all the fun without cost. For us on a budget, that really helps us keep playing. The richly developed universe doesn’t hurt either; it gives you a chance at creating a character, or an entire fleet, with a back story that fits into the game ‘verse. (Alis Keene)

This is the only game I’ve found where the development staff are active players; they talk–and listen–to their player base. And you can shoot them! (Soylent)

I like the blastin’ of th’other pirates…
And the ongoing social experiment of what moral rules do we impose on a system that has no need of them. When death does not matter (6-9 minutes and then they’re back to playing), what becomes the undoable crime?

I play Star Pirates because it fits easily into my schedule. If I need to just drop in quickly, do a couple actions, and then log off I can. If I want to hang out for several hours, get into conversations with other players, immerse myself in a Role-Play or other side game, I can. Wherever I find myself on a given day, it’s always an enjoyable experience.
The camaraderie of my fleet and getting to know a small group of players even better is a real bonus. My fleet were some of the first folks to know I was engaged. And now my wife plays too!
(Elias Ravyn)

Because they found a way to turn anti-social behavior into social interaction. Explore strange worlds! Meet cool, crazy people! Use energy weapons on them! Repeat as necessary. (kronan)

Fair warms the heart, doesn’t it?
Speaking of warming, the winners will find a little extra something in their stockings as soon as I get this post up…

And as for the leveling? As lively as ever, Snakehead Fans…

Spybattle 2165
Level 50: Nomad
Level 60: Packerchu, Fool In Orange

Star Pirates
Level 50: Swerdna, Astroth, Belial, Nebulon
Level 60: Lafeel, Cpl Nameless
Level 80: Chuck Anumia