The World Certainly Is Full Of Things

So…just what ARE the new findable things mentioned in the post above? Glad you asked!

What is old, is new again. The new findable things are actually things that were findable before. They are the Stealth Drive and the Stealth Plating, as well (of course) as our famous Starcrash Celebration cake. They’ll be a little bit harder to find this time, as the Stealth Drive will be now be Rare and Stealth Plating will be Rare+. Items are findable, starting now, for the next two weeks.

“Stealth gear”, we hear you thinking, “why would I want that now of all times?” Good question! So, Stealth will continue their present usage, but will become more interesting with an upcoming update to Ships. This update expected sometime in May will give the Dreadnaught III, IV, V and all Behemoths a dedicated bound Stealth Item slot for “stealthy” items (such as stealth plating, stealth armour, an SSC…) You can always use them in other slots, of course, but this is an extra bonus. To be clear this will be a new slot, not reclassifying one of the existing ones.

So Happy Birthday, Star Pirates Community!