Ceci N’Est Pas Du Spam (Writing Contest!)

Do you hear that, Snakehead fans? Something BIG is coming. A contest. A very big deal of a contest. A contest for writers, with actual cash prizes!

Details will be coming on Monday…for now, we’ve attached the relevant background files and a couple example stories. Why not take a look and start thinking?
Star Pirates Background
SpyBattle Background
Blame (Story)
What Could Possibly Go Wrong? (Story)

In other news, a Star Pirates meetup at a North Texas BBQ went swimmingly for all involved.

Finally, not at all in honour of the 75th anniversary of Spam, we present…the week’s levels and achievements.

Spybattle 2165
Level 60: Irving Maselv
Level 70: Michael Samuelle
Level 110: Maxwell Smart

Special Commendation: Medon, the 12th person to launch a Space Lab, and at a mere Level 47 to boot!

Star Pirates
Level 60: Shinobi