Our Partners over at Heather Dale are happy to announce that Celtic Avalon is funded!

Heather Dale’s “Celtic Avalon” crowdfunding campaign (http://igg.me/at/heatherdale) has been successfully funded, thanks to the generosity of almost 700 donors. Visit www.HeatherDale.com for regular project updates over the next 18 months. Thank you to everyone who helped out!! 🙂

Rules for Zombie Moon Updated!

As the game grows, so does our understanding of our community. So, we’ve reevaluated the current rules in Zombie Moon, and give you this:

Snakehead Games is proud to make Zombie Moon a moderated and Safe-Space environment. Breaking these rules will get you muted for 2 days from in game chat.

  • Respect Other Players
  • Listen To the Mods
  • Do Not Advertise Other Games or Websites.
  • Do Not Spam
  • Do Not Ask About Personal Details
  • Do Not Exploit Bugs
  • No Macros or Botting
  • Respect the Rights of Others
  • Do Not Sell Your Account
  • Do Not Post Mature Content
  • Do Not Discuss Alcohol or Drugs
  • All RP Chat needs to be prefaced with the letters “RP” 


New Player Milestones!




Zombie Moon

Our newest game to the Snakehead Games family and first mobile version, of the SBBG games you know and love, has hit an outstanding milestone. We are at 55,000+ mobile downloads of Zombie Moon!

Download it here for Apple

Download it here for Android

Download it here for Amazon

Make sure that if you have not already please review Zombie Moon and tell us what you think!

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Spy Battle 2165

Our first announcement is a big THANK YOU to all our Spy Battle 2165 community because we have reached 30,000 players! We could not have done it without you and we are so excited for what is to come.

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Star Crash: Tales of Dystopian Spies and Star Pirates



Available now in print and e-book!



The long awaited anthology is finally available! In digital download or Pocketbook paper back!

Set in the cyber-punk worlds of Snakehead Game’s Spybattle 2165, Star Pirates and Zombie Moon, Star Crash is an exploration of human nature in a world without illness or injury. 

Featuring 11 short stories, this Anthology is a testament to the community that Snakehead Games has created in their games. Each one of these stories was submitted by the community, and selected from dozens of applicants. 
The Earth is uninhabitable – A result of a catastrophic accident known as the Star Crash. StarPorts throughout the system have become the life stations of what remains of humanity. The StarPorts and asteroids are humanity’s only home – and these have become a war ground, where the odds of survival are grim. Without the Regenabots, machines which heal all injury, and cure all disease, humanity would already be extinguished. Gangs of Star Pirates rule the stars – fighting each other, looting old space hulks and mining resources wherever they can be found for trade to improve their star vessels and ensure their survival. 
Star Crash is an anthology of incredible depth. Drawing on over six years of collective storytelling and narrative, it combines the stories of 11 different authors and a setting created by thousands. 
It also features the Short Story: Below the Crimson Ice, a glimpse into the history and narrative of Snakehead Game’s Latest Mobile Release, Zombie Moon: Marines vs. Zombies. 

Want your own copy? Here are all the links you could possibly need!


Paper Back: