Why do the Members of SHG Work so Hard?

Lots of reasons – we like to eat. We have bills to pay. We are obsessive with quality.

These are facts, but they are not the true reason we work our butts off. It’s because 98%+ of communication we get from players goes something like this.

From “Player Name Erased”
Date October 28 2009 17:47:08

Dear Sir:

I would like to thank you and all those at Snakehead for creating and maintaining a very entertaining and exciting game. As a side benefit, the community that has grown up around SP is as interesting as I’ve ever found anywhere.

The improvements and enhancements to the game that you continue to do are dynamic, and the access to you, the other Admins and CSR’s, Mod’s and Greeters is really great. I have enjoyed very much the game and the community.

Someday, perhaps I can be of service to the game in a small way as a Greeter or in other small ways, such as running a contest. I look forward to continue to grow in the game and look forward to the future of the SP and SB universe.

Just wanted to take a second out of your busy day and say thanks.

I love the game communities the players and we have formed together. I love my job.