Who does What at Snakehead Games

This was posted in one of our forums, by a player.  I thought it’s the best description of how SnakeheadGames is structured.  Thanks AceSmeghead for this!

The Admins are both owners and developers. There are three of them, Admin ArrBilly /AAB primarily handles marketing, community development and some other non code related issues (read: paperwork).  AdminIce handles finance.  Admin256 and Ice are the primary developers and sys admins (you know for this awesome fast server), bug squishers.  They all  take on in-game duties like answering suggestions and tickets, and enforcing rules such as automation and multi accounting.  They work closely with the Mods and CSR and are actively involved in the community.  All of them take part in game creation, planning and drinking rum.  Especially the later.

CSR’s are employees of Snakehead games. They handle in-game things like tickets, account payment issues, unruly players, referral contest, polls, plan community events, etc. They have many of the powers of admins, but are not code developers. They also have all the responsibilities of a Moderator, but with more Admin powers so calling them MiniAdmins is accurate. They handle anything the moderators can’t and handle most tickets. Chord is the primary SP Mod and Qilipid is primary SB mod, but they both monitor both games

Moderators are volunteer. They are chosen by the Admins for various reasons, but aren’t paid. They simply monitor the shoutbox and forums, enforce rules, and keep the peace as the admins can’t be on 24/7. A Moderators position is based on nothing but trust. As such the Admins will sometimes have the mods test new features and items. Mods will answer any player questions that you send them and can edit the forums, but they can Not see tickets. Mods also act as greeters and testers.

Greeters are not mods, but are a volunteer position as well. They have access to the new player list and can send them PM’s welcoming them to the game. Generally greeters just answer player questions.

Testers are a special group. Occasionally large features need a dedicated group of testers. They have access to a special code testing area and will work out bugs in conjunction with the admins before new code is released.

One thing to be added is that we are considering having the Moderators manage the suggestions area more actively.  The game challenges the moderators have been brought on to manage have reduced, and so we should add some more interest to their roles.  Plus that would provide better feedback to players, while freeing up the Admins to focus on their roles above.