What’s Coming Up Next in The Starcrash Universe by SHG?

We’ve had a busy past 3 months. (Click here to see details), but as ever players want to know what’s next?

Well the plans over the next 3 months include:
* Missions: more tweaks and additional functions. Roll out of a version to SB-2165.

* Medals: we will launch medals; a tangible form of the HOF that shows on your profile – but with a lot more categories to compete in.

* Ascension: once you’ve hit level 40 (?), we’ll enable you to lockbox your cargo, items and stats, and restart.  When you hit that level again, you can keep the things you’ve found, plus unlock your old stuff AND get a unique bonus found nowhere else in the game. Oh and have bragging rights for the game as well.

* More details on the backstory of the Starcrash Universe – home of StarPirates and SpyBattle 2165.

* Plus new items, NPCs, and other feature upgrades you’ve come to expect from the hard-working Snakehead Games team.

Will these all come about in the exact way I listed here – heck no!  Natural evolution, user testing, feedback from you – that’ll change them, but the basic ideas will be seen over the next few months!

— Admin ArrBilly out!