The Wiki has Landed!

The wiki for and Spybattle 2165 is live!

Why a Wiki?  Well all the great write-ups that players have created IN the games isn’t available to the outside world.  And folks want a central spot for tracking NPCs, etc. etc.  So the players, led by

Thanks to the  Wikipedians (as we call ’em!) for the structure, set up, and the core content!
Spy Battle: Perry the Platypus & Shannon
Star Pirates: Cdre McArrgh, Dominus Calamitatis (a.k.a. Zen of Jazz) & Fiona MacLaine

Some pages will be locked, but most are open for editing by anyone. To get an account, contact a mod or one of the above players, and they’ll set you up with your account. And note, you’ll have to use a username from one of the two games — no point in writing if we can’t give ya glory for it! Oh and give a spin to the rules before you join up – all common sense, but ya know… 🙂

Enjoy wiking out!