StarPirates Update – Wow, lots of Small Upgrades

Profile update, Better Companions, Critical Resistance: A big set of changes just went live. Profiles menu have been reorganized, and the Station page has reorganized the War content under Fleets.

A new attribute – Critical Resistance has been added to the game (see FAQ). No items (yet) offer this power though some Officers do – Officers have had additional powers added.

Several minor bugs with the AI Adviser, forum searches, etc. have been corrected.

Missions have a “smart link” on the left navigation – directing you to the list of missions or to the editor depending upon your ship yard state.

Attacks will show a fast jump-to link if the player looks to be at a different station(faster).

Building a Pirate Armada will now show you the station each player is in within the drop down. Armadas which intercept War Salvage Forays will attack the player, which also has the effect of slowly reducing the Armada size (better balance).

Banned players are no longer attackable. When banned, items are uninstalled/returned to Fleet by admin actions leading to a permanent and artificial underpowering of the target. A modification has been applied which moves all banned players to an impossible station and their profile will show as such. If you search within the same location they will no longer show up.

A new item is available in the Upgrade Account – 4 individual weeks of Notorious status which are able to be traded, put on the market, etc. When consumed, the player account is credited with 7 days. Note that these do not include 30 points – that is specific to the bulk purchase of a month at a time.