Star Pirates SF Bay Area Meet-up

On April 24th, in celebration of Star Pirates’ 2nd anniversary, a group of players had the brilliant idea to hold themselves a meet-up in the SF Bay area. It seems like they had a great time, and a good turn-out as well, especially considering that Star Pirates is a global community, and finding players in the same region as you is not always as easy as it seems. The good news for those of you who missed it: there’s already a forum thread for another meet-up in the same region.. This time, a picnic!

Along with such perks as finally getting to meet other like-minded players face to face, along with some top HoF’ers, all the attendees were gifted with their very own Star Pirates Captain’s mug, to celebrate the game anniversary.

You know, for Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.

Here are some pictures of the fearsome pirate attendees! Thanks for posting them, guys, and thanks for organizing it!