Star Pirates Comic Contest

Right now we are in the selection process for finalists in our Star Pirates Comic Contest (click for a link to the contest in the game.) There are two types of entry currently: original comics and captioning for some comic templates.

One exciting thing about the contest is that we have some professional and semi-professional webcomic authors who have thrown their hat in the ring. I would love to give a shout out to these talented artists and their websites:

Legostar Galactica by D.M. Jeftinija, PhD (Dr. Legostar)
Galaxion by Tara Tallan (Aria)
The Volet by Ti-Phil (Ti-Phil)
Sailing the Orion Spur by Terry K. Riley (Sum Dum Ghai)

You can click on any of the above webcomic names to visit the site. You’ll be glad you did. I enjoyed some of these comics (a few of which I was seeing for the first time) very much!