Spy Battle 2165 Launched by Snakehead Games

Following on the heels of its successful browser-based mmorpg game www.StarPirates.net, Snakehead Games is releasing Spy Battle 2165 ( www.SpyBattle.com ) on Monday, November 10, 2008. Whereas in StarPirates the players battle in the Asteroids, SB 2165 is played out on Earth between rival factions of Agents in the Year 2165. At this time humans are loaded with nanobots and so can recover from almost any injury — but without death the world population is now scrambling for resources. And on the near horizon is the rise of the Artificial Intelligences (AIs).

Players cooperate with other players in factions, or fight to compete for experience in personal combat or standings in faction wars. They can also fight against the rising robot intelligences. But fighting is not all you do; gathering intelligence is key to power along with trading, working with other players, performing covert operations, larceny and finding weapons, armor and other equipment.

The Community features large in SB-2165 with chats, private mail, forums and shoutboxes, plus Factions of other players to ally with.

SB-2165 is a browser-based which means it is played from any web browser without downloads. This means it can be played anywhere – including offices. Players have same “character” at all times, and can start playing as soon as they login. In other words, it’s fast, easy and great for bored office workers needing a quick break – or wanting to spend an evening playing! Snakehead uses minimal graphics so that players have easy access to the games from mobile phones, and other portable internet devices.

As with all Snakehead releases, SB-2165 is free to play, but supporters can acquire some advantages by donating to the game.

Snakehead Games Inc. is the independent developer of online games for the bored office worker. Starpirates.net and baneworld.com are two popular titles from the privately held Snakehead Games Inc. If you have media questions contact pr@snakeheadgames.com. If you are an independent web comic looking for advertisers, contact Snakehead Games at ad@snakeheadgames.com.