Shipyard 3000!

Every once in a while, even pirates can work as a team.

June 12th was one such very rare occasion, as 270-odd Star Pirates
collaborated to break the previous Shipyard record of 2109. A timer
counting down to 13:00 set the tone for the event, and generated lots
of excitement in the game. In the end, the old record was more than
broken – we blew it right out of the solar system, with a whopping
new record of 3145 taking its place!  With at least 3 stations being
fully cleared, and the Shout Box scrolling by almost too quickly to
follow, the game atmosphere was positively electric.

Every pirate knows that to the victor go the spoils, and this event was no
exception. All the pirates online during the event received 30 points
as a surprise bonus, and experienced the “Thrill of Victory” – a 20
minute event which provided a welcome boost to player stats. When we
see how smoothly it went today, it’s not hard to imagine that soon we
may be witnessing something (as yet) unheard of – SY 4000 and beyond!