Results from “Best Sith” Poll

I have to love our StarPirates gaming Community. We have weekly polls in game. Sometimes these are community referendum on major game changes, sometimes they are for feedback an idea we’re thinking of doing or have done. And sometimes things are a little sillier. We did a poll regarding the “Best Sith”. Fairly strong turn out with a somewhat surprising result. It’s not who you think…

Darth Vader : 28% [106 Votes]
Darth Maul : 7% [28 Votes]
Palpatine : 13% [47 Votes]
Count Dooku : 3% [13 Votes]
George Lucas for ruining EP 1 with Jar Jar Binks : 48% [180 Votes]

If I haven’t said it before, I love our community 🙂