Record-Breaking Record Breaks

Yes, that’s right! You heard it here first! Star Pirates broke no less than THREE records yesterday. “Three?”, you ask? No, it’s not a typo, or a gross mathematical error.

When Pirates set out to achieve a goal, boy do they ever achieve it. And then slit its throat. And then jump up and down on its corpse. That is how serious our pirates are about their achievements.

The first record broken yesterday by our rum-swilling lads and lasses was in the ship yard. If you’ll recall, sometimes even pirates can work as a team, as occurred over a year ago when we broke the ship yard record with a whopping 3000 jumped-on pirates in there at the same time.

Well by Davy’s locker, we’ve done it again! Yesterday the old record was blown out of the water and replaced by a new, much swarthier one, 3678 -and earning two Notorious days for everyone who’d been recently online. Wow!

This brings me to my next record break: At the last setting of the old record, we had some 270 pirates online and participating in the event. Pretty good turnout, wouldn’t you say?

Not anymore you wouldn’t! Yesterday’s event had an attendance of no less than 475 online pirates – crushing the previous ‘players online’ record of 430 (from July of 2009) by a hefty margin. Again I say wow!

This leaves you wondering though, about the third record break that I mentioned, doesn’t it? Wonder no more. The third record broken was none other than the previous record for record-setting.

Before yesterday, we broke our records only one at a time. 😉