Quality Surveys: Get Free Special Agent Days in SpyBattle

Did you miss gettig free Special Agent Days in SpyBattle 2165?  Well now you can get ’em again!  And yes, we are using quality surveys, not email grabbing spam ones.  (There is a big difference in quality between Snakehead Games and our competitors.)

What is the Deal?
We have partnered with Ampario, to allow players to earn Special Agent Days again. This is a company related to Ipsos and so the surveys are supposed to be very similar but there are differences.

There are a few differences between the Ampario surveys and old Ipsos surveys:

Instant Payouts
This is a big benefit to the new process. Once a survey is complete, our server is notified automatically and the reward processed. No more waiting for us to get a report and hand everything out manually.

No registration required for Ampario.
This is good and bad. You must still qualify for each survey by having to answer questions. The bad is that this is determined on a survey by survey basis (although they do use cookies to save you from having to re-enter ALL of your info).

No e-mail notifications
Since you don’t register, the only way to find out if there are surveys for you is to go to the survey page and check for them.

For now we’re hoping that some of you may want to try the new surveys out and provide us with your feedback in the discussion thread. Based on your feedback, we’ll either continue the surveys and port it over to Star Pirates or continue searching for a new company to partner with.

How to do a survey:

You can access surveys from the City menu under the ‘Misc’ heading. Click on Earn Special Agent Days
This will open a new screen where you simply have to answer the questions. There is a fairly accurate progress bar on each page.

Each successfully completed survey will award one week of Special Agent days added to your current balance of SA days. Many surveys will be aimed at US citizens, but players from England, Canada, Australia and the USA may attempt to complete the surveys.
Thank you for participating. Snakehead games gets very small recompense for this, but we are fully aware of the popularity of surveys in the past. We do want to give you a way to earn days if you cannot afford to pay for them.

Special note: Only Spy Battle players can take surveys. Later Star Pirates will be able to do the same after we try it out. Once that occurs you will be able to complete surveys in either game to earn days. No need to choose!