Pirates in Space … With Zombies?!

Star Pirates has been invaded by the undead! Hordes of shambling, brain-hungry pirates, infected by a mind-numbing regena-plague have taken to the spaceways, spreading the virus to the ever-decreasing members of the uninfected population. What started out as vague rumours of unethical experiments on unwilling participants quickly escalated into a full-blown epidemic following the escape of ‘Patient Zero’ from the experimental facility.

It’s impossible to give a final tally of infected (Mostly because all the staff have been turned into zombies as well, and our counting skills have gone way downhill) but we estimate infection rates of active pirates at above 90%! It’s a mark of the great community that this event went off so successfully, and as always, we’re blown away by the participation, particularly by the event organizer, Talan MacGregor.

We’re also hungry for Braaaaaains!

The 24-hour zombie event came to a head with the zombies coming together to once more obliterate the standing ship yard record, taking it from 4314 to 4592, earning them a total of 4 free Notorious days from this event!

Best zombie apocalypse EVER!