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A Fine Friday To You All, Snakehead Fans!

Well, the entries are in, and time to check out the gallery of entries for the Least I Could Do/Star Pirates Sweding Contest. Lots of talent on display there, but remember! It’s a mature comic and so are the reenactments.

That’s not the only comic-related news either. There’s also the gallery from the Drive comic remixing. The poll‘s been and gone, but it’s still well worth a look.

Things are shaking up in 2165 – Changes to Spybattle include consumables being rotated in and out of the Findable category and some alterations to the popular Scanner Helmet. Don’t forget to keep one bionic eye on the forums to stay abreast of the bleeding edge of cyberpunk cloak-and-dagger.

We’re also, as always, working on enriching the experience in all the games. One of the ways we’re doing that is introducing more and more interesting Jobs and Tasks to help while away the levelling hours and maybe, just maybe, give you a closer look at what’s REALLY going on behind the scenes as the Starcrash epic motors along. So why not check your Assignment list and give something new a whirl?

Speaking of something new, you may or may not know that our hometown (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada) recently hosted a fun little gaming-related shindig called DemoCamp. Thanks to a certain fresh-faced newcomer, Snakehead had something of our own to show off. What is this secret project, you ask? And who’s the mystery being behind it? Well, stay tuned and see…

Yes, March has been good to us so far, and also to all the fine laddies and ladies who’ve reached new plateaus of excellence. Our lucky pirates and spies so far…

(Star Pirates)
Level 50: hrbs567, Harley Neidharrt, GloBug, RunnerWild, Haywire, Raznok Hitomi
Level 60: Uniqueusername
Level 80: HRH Attila the Hun
Level 90: Kingpin, Slagdar, Soulsnatcher
Level 180: ninjapirate

(Spybattle 2165)
Level 50: den628, Gilmore, Wayne Johnson (skipped 50 entirely to hit 51 in one swoop, in fact!)
Level 80: Xenephon

And a VERY special note – a couple who met in game got engaged today! Details are in game.