New Look for

We got Gooey.  No, not Gooey, I mean GUI — Graphic User Interface.

See when we started StarPirates a few years ago, the preferred game interface was text and minimal clicks.  And we went for it with all the links for the game spread over just two pages.  And that players first page, and second page, were these walls of links.   Since each link was the same size, new players didn’t have a clue of what to do or how to decode them.

So as time went on, we saw the shift in online casual games from text to graphics.  This was really led by the interface changes demanded by gaming in Facebook.  The standards of what people found intuitive have changed.  When we started it was games based upon the GRPG skeleton.  Now it’s the breadcrumbs and top status bars of Facebook.

We want to make sure existing players are happy and we spent 95% of our time on that.  But we do need to continue to add in new personalities into the community.  We have to make sure the system is welcoming new players as well.  And so the leap to this new Interface.

Want some shots?  Well here you go:

Space Dock : New GUI for
Space Dock
Ship View : New GUI for
Cockpit View : From Ship
Station View: New GUI interface for StarPirates
Station View