Hello, And Here Is The News

Greetings, Snakehead Fans!

The Least I Could Do competition is nearing a close with a ton of great submissions, but there’s still time to snag the prize over the weekend if you’ve got a camera and a few friends.

Polls have been busy as always – everyone (well, 95%, which is close enough) in Spybattle loves assignments, it seems, and the Adventures/Missions debate in Star Pirates is ongoing. Don’t be afraid to have your say!

Let’s also give a round of applause to Apt142, who’s stepping down from Modship after sterling service, and also to Kalel for stepping up.

Finally, because we wouldn’t be where we are without all you nice people, let’s name names and congratulate some of you. January and February have brought us the following significant instances of what the men in the lab coats refer to as “levelling”…

(Star Pirates)
Level 50: Nats, Sath, Staneslav, Xanthan, Spade Solus, Areckahn, Fitzghon, Lily White, Captain Starcrossed, Neogandalf, Talus, daWiseGuy, Fluffy
Level 60: Notin theface, Dunn, ThinMint, Sepiabeard, Gary Gnu, Marcus Heinous, Quetzali, Cdre McArrgh, Kalel, Streeclaw, RaRa
Level 70: Hogan of the Harbour, Evil Orphan Aamrie, Chuck Anumia, Xenephon
Level 80: Jesrad, Don Karnage, Hoban Washburne, A Filthy Space Hobo
Level 100: Medon, Greenish (who hit 90 just before! Woohoo!)
Level 110: Kane
Level 150+: The Undertaker

(Spybattle 2165)
Level 50: Samus Aran, mudguard0
Level 60: not V, Kildar, Kalsocky, Boreas, Psychlops
Level 70: Mr Awesome, NeogandalftheWhite
Level 100: Maxwell Smart, Natasha Fatale