Comics Contest: Round Deux : For $2000 in prizes

As y’all know and are game-based communities.   We grew for many reasons, but some of the nuclei of that growth were the online communities of comics.

We worked with the owners of the coolest online comics to have their communities play in our games.  And they did.   So we’re throwing a thank you back to the creators of the comics AND their communities.   So we already have a first round vote to get 20 webcomics that our community liked.   Now we’re going to ask for a round of feedback on their best strip.   Best meaning the most “Online Game-y” or “SciFi”.   Of course, we’re doing it with a twist.

What’s up for Grabs?

1) Cash prize of $1000

2) $1000 in free advertising on Project Wonderful : is the way that most comics monetize…and a way we’ve found works for advertising the games!

So How does this Work?
We’ve had one round of voting.  There are two more stages left.  The next will be a vote of the top 20 to narrow it down to the top 3. The final stage has a runoff between the top 3.  The next vote will be done IN  We have a trusted voting mechanic there. Voting will start in early May.

How are the Prizes Won?
The $1000 in advertising will be given to the top vote getter of the final 3.  Fairly straightforward!

The $1000 in cash is a little more complex.  Every vote cast in the “Round of 20” will be put in a virtual hat. One of the votes will be selected, and that’s the winner!  This way every vote really does count.

Who are the finalists?

The 20 in this stage are as follows. The order here is based on votes.  The top one (Schlock Mercenary) got the most votes from the SP community.

Schlock Mercenary
Order of the Stick
Girl Genius
Sluggy Freelance
Legostar Galactica
Looking for Group
Darths and Droids
Penny Arcade
Crimson Dark
Irregular Webcomic
Real Life
8-bit theatre
Kevin and Kell
Questionable content