Comics Award, Down to Top Ten

The top 5 comic strips from two polls of 10 have been merged into the final batch of strips in round 2 of the Sci-fi and Gaming Comics Award. We’ll be updating this post daily, so that everyone outside the SP community can have a chance to measure their favourite comic’s progress. The top three comics from this vote will move on to a final round, and $1000 in advertising will be given to the top vote getter of the final 3. (Full contest details can be found here)

If you’d like to vote for your favourite comic, create a Star Pirates account, and vote in the forum poll before it closes!

The current poll will run until May 28th.

Standings, as of May 27th:

Darths and Droids
7% [46 Votes]

Order of the Stick
11% [73 Votes]

Girl Genius
17% [108 Votes]

Legostar Galactica
16% [107 Votes]

6% [42 Votes]

Schlock Mercenary
16% [106 Votes]

Kevin & Kell
5% [31 Votes]

Questionable Content
9% [58 Votes]

Looking for Group
10% [63 Votes]

3% [20 Votes]