A.I. Advisor Content Contest

In the game StarPirates each ship is equiped with an A.I. Advisor –> these slightly quirky systems help new and experienced players to decide a good course of action. But sometimes the A.I.s get it wrong; or are just bored when there is nothing of substance to advise upon.

Moderator kelsek set up a contest to put words into the A.I.’s mouths, errr, voice boxes. The creativity of players is second to none with 100s of amazing entries. It was a lot of hard work to narrow them down to the top 10 so that ALL players could vote on their favourites. The top 3 will get free points for the game, and the adulation of 1000s.

And about 30 of the best suggestions will be added into the A.I.’s expert systems!

All the Suggestions

The 10 Finalists

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