Project Wonderful is Wonderful

Project Wonderful is Wonderful. I’m sure I’m not the first to say that but it’s true.  They’ve been a great promotional partner for Snakehead Games.  If you run a comic, or some other online entertainment site, then I’d check them out. From what I can see you’d do better than from a comparable system, as we advertisers do better.  Well, if we do if we’re smart about it.

Ryan and Linden, the drivers behind PW, were also kind enough to be a co-sponsor of the Comics Contest we recently ran on Starpirates.  Thanks very much for that you two!

If you don’t know Project Wonderful, you should.  They are an ad network, where you rent promo space by the hour, not the click.  It’s targeted at web comics, and other “office breaks” as I would call them.  Check ’em out here.