The Move (III)

Oho! Ahead of schedule, here’s the riveting conclusion!

So. After a certain amount of confusion, exertion and mumbled swears, the beautiful new Snakehead central was complete!

Safely ensconced away from natural sunlight, and having scored the sweetest of desks, your humble scribe toils away seeking new and interesting situations for space pirates and cybernetic spies to blow each other to smithereens. The hand of Pirate Darth Vader guards the way to the scribe’s extremely unhealthy snacks.

Our programming wunderkind and Word Nerd mastermind toils under the watchful eye of Sackboy…

…while our fearless leader telenetworks and teleconferences, utterly unfazed by the ectoplasmic doppleganger outside and its disrespectful shenanigans.

A last nostalgic look at the old digs. Certainly nice to have the new elbow room, though.

Well, thanks for joining us for this non-cinematic odyssey, Snakehead fans. if you’d like to know more about the handsome fellows behind all this, then we’re looking at a few short interview segments starting next week. Any questions? Feel free to drop us a line!