The Move (II)

Well, now it was time to roll up the sleeves, spit on the palms and delegate as much physical labour as we possibly could. As before, click for all the gruesome details of a full-sized pic…

Naturally, the juniors of the organization had little success with that last objective. *chuckle* Ah well, when you spend most of your time behind a desk, exercise is a welcome relief.

Priority was key. Taking all pains to protect the valuable electronics and seeing that the vital motivational posters remained non-crooked was the name of the game.

Here, we see the basic necessities of any tech-based company. Computers, peripherals, and caffeine.

For all that I joke, moving everything was surprisingly smooth and easy. Many hands make light work, after all. Then came the time to decide who was going where. Naturally, your humble scribe made sure to stake out what he considered to be prime space – easy enough when nobody else wanted to be there anyway, ahem.

Tomorrow sees the results, as well as our usual weekly announcements. Aren’t you excited? I sure am! See you then~