The Snakehead Interviews – Matt Collier

Hey Snakehead Games,

All roads lead to Rome, they say, and all branches of the Information Superhighway lead to Snakehead Games. The fast lane is getting just a little quicker, however, as we accelerate our plans to dominate popular social media as well as browser-based gaming.

And just as a humble foot soldier can one day be Emperor if he’s lucky, brave and profoundly ruthless enough, we have a brilliant young fellow poised to go down in history as one of our most august auxilia. Why, speak of the devil! Here he is now…

Matt Collier is an avid of player of our Coliseum Conquest game found on the ever delightful Facebook. Matt is graduating from the gaming program at triOS college, just down the road from Snakehead Games HQ.

A full posted SHG interview will come when he comes on board full time. Oh didn’t we mention that, when Matt is done School we expect to bring him on full time. There are some details to work out — such as for sure he’s joining us — but we expect him to be our newest programmer around Oct 1st or so!

When Matt joins us, as long as he can ward off the sundry tasks, he will be diving into helping develop the Ascension II project for StarPirates!