Player Comments about Games from SHG

We are fortunate to have such a great relationship with our players. The community is perhaps the most important part of our games, and we get a lot of feedback. Most are suggestions, some are (potential) bug issues, some are from players who have become friends, but perhaps the most enjoyable are from players who tell us “job well done”. …

What does “Browser Based” Mean?

Snakehead Games creates browser-based games, but what does that actually MEAN? And why do users care? What does Browser-Based Mean? Essentially it means that you can play the games from anywhere as long as you have a) internet connection and b) a browser such as FireFox or Internet Explorer! That’s it, no big download, no changing settings on your machine, …

A.I. Advisor Creative Contest – On

We recently hosted a contest for Star Pirates players called “A.I. Advisor Creative Contest”. This was for players to give their thoughts about what A.I.s say during their downtimes. Or better yet when their are no major problems with their Captain’s ship. There were over 1000 entries for the contest, and these are the top 1%. Thanks to all contributors …

A.I. Advisor Content Contest

In the game StarPirates each ship is equiped with an A.I. Advisor –> these slightly quirky systems help new and experienced players to decide a good course of action. But sometimes the A.I.s get it wrong; or are just bored when there is nothing of substance to advise upon. Moderator kelsek set up a contest to put words into the …

Star Pirates Banner Contest – Winners

Congrats to apt142 for winning the Star Pirates Banner Contest with 28% of the vote. For this he wins a me2universe controller (see and points in our game. The runners up also win points. If we use any of the banners to promote the game, we’ll also provide cash prizes of $100 for each banner used. The rules are …

Live: Snakehead Games Corporate Website

Snakehead Games is pleased and delighted to have launched our corporate website – This will be the portal to our various games as well as providing news on major game updates, contests and more! Tell us what you think about our games or the site in general. Thanks! The Snakehead Games Team

Real Life

It started here with our first ad. A great comic with an active Star Pirate.

The Growth Continues

StarPirates continues to grow as more and more players find out about the great community here. Snakehead Games celebrated the recent milestone of 10,000 registered users by giving out free points to everyone who had been online in the week leading up to the milestone.

Star Pirates Is Live For 1 month; 3300 Players Already!

Star Pirates has been live for one month! To celebrate the incredible success of the browser-based game we gave out 30 points to everyone who’s played in the last week. The player count has just passed the 3300 mark as of today!