What Gaming is About – Caine’s Arcade

Running a game company is about passion. It’s about creating something you’re proud of whether or not someone shows up to play it. You WANT someone to show up and love it just as much as you do, but that doesn’t always happen. We’ve been very fortunate as game company owners and game creators to have folks show up and play our “cardboard” games. We know we don’t create the most advanced games – in fact we’re quite the opposite – we create games that are simple, provide joy and provide companionship for a few minutes, a few hours or even days when folks are away from home.

So, you’re wondering why I’m writing this — well, I saw a video that absolutely describes the way we feel about our games. It made me cry. In a good way.

You may have seen it by now, you may not have. But it’s a 10 minute video about a kid who created an arcade out of cardboard. And the people who made him feel special.
Caine’s Arcade – 10 Minute Video

Personally I am thinking of getting his t-shirt made. — AdminArrBilly

In other news, some of the players in our cardboard arcade have done pretty well this week. Enjoy the new levels and thanks for playing!

(Star Pirates)
Level 50: aadoth, Evil Midnight Bomber, Invader Zim, Mothra
Level 60: Sum Dum Ghai, Tripwire, Yellow Beard
Level 100: Calvin

(Spybattle 2165)
Level 70: Artume