Weekly Updates

First off, did we mention we have a new office? Well, we do.

Spybattle 2165 shifts gears once more – Whether it’s component shortages or yet another insidious plot by the bad guys (IE, not your team), Holo Projectors and W.H.I.N.E are no longer to be found in Smoking Bolt Ops. However, C.H.E.E.S.E and Cat Ears are available in supply for your consumable needs. Cat And Mouse has never been quite so literal!

So who’ve we got to pat on the back for high-level achievements this week? Well, let me tell you…

(Star Pirates)
Level 50: Gamero, psychlops, Aria, SwashbucklinSmitty
Level 60: Lyhrrus, fishboy

(Spybattle 2165)
Level 50: Catnip
Level 60: TheClutch
Level 70: xgfhj

Hope April has gone as well for you folks so far as it has for us! Enjoy your friday, and we’ll see you next week~