Walkin Whiskey

If you asked our opinion on the best way to celebrate the successful release of a space-shattering game update, we’d probably tell you that nothing goes hand in hand with big updates better than…well, a space-shattering party.

That’s why, if you happened to glance at the shoutbox post-launch of miniwars, you would probably have seen a whole lot of partying, and general carrying on from admins and players alike. Yes, in the course of our celebrations we probably consumed well over 1.5 Billion cargo worth of Walkin’ Whisky, Venusian chocolate, Alpha Centauri Rum and forbidden Sunburst Chardonnay (shhh!) – not to mention all the boosts applied to our spaceships! It was a fitting way to celebrate the launch of the biggest game update of the year. (So far!) We think it was worth it, and we hope you do too.

If you then asked us if we were crazy, we’d probably tell you that yes, we most definitely are…but what does that have to do with us drinking all the Whisky?