Verbal Kint’s Ascension Journal

Third party postings on the SHG blog are about as rare as a Combatascan Computer, but we’re going to have one today.  Why?  Because Verbal Kint went through Ascension in SpyBattle 2165.   I can hear you thinking “So?  I’m doing that too!”, well maybe, but did you keep a journal?  And have 111 entries over the course of 120 days?  I think not … unless you’re actually Verbal Kint reading this… 🙂

So, with that in mind, I’ll cut to the chase and just provide a link to the Journal itself.  It’s on the SHG wiki, so enjoy!

So thanks to Verbal Kint for this…it’s a great resource!  All together now…Huzzah!

Qilapid says: for those of you trying to see detailed stats on, well, EVERYTHING be sure to check his Final Stats post!