Updates and Lego Contest

A lot of enhancements lately – some heavy behind-the-scenes work for speed improvements being one, the spying/disguise/online bonuses (including reduced energy costs) in Spy Battle: 2165 and a host of other subtle game improvements.

Probably the most exciting (and visible) improvement in the past while is upgradeable items. Rares, Rare+, Very Rare and Very Rare+ items in Spy Battle: 2165 and Star Pirates are now extendible. Not all items in these categories can be upgraded (yet) but more are being released on a bi-weekly basis.

Congratulations to the players of Spy Battle: 2165 on achieving HOSPITAL: 1000.

Star Pirates reached 430 players online – and Spy Battle 227. Wow! Thanks everyone for your continued support and being part of such a vibrant community!

Many thanks to Apt142 for organizing the very successful Star Pirates Lego Ship Contest:

1st place:
Dane Agathon’s Dreadnaught
Prize: 3000 points
Dane Agathon's Dreadnaught

2nd place:
DentedHead’s Frigate
Prize: 2000 points

We added a best virtual category since there was so many entries on that level.

Best Virtual – Barbo’s Warship
Prize: 500 points

And because there were so many great ones, the mod judges picked their favorites and awarded a little extra to them.

Mod Choice Awards: SirGir’s Admin Team, Naecht’s Dublo Dreadnaught, Bridgeburner’s Bar

(pics to follow)