Thunder, Thunder, Thundersnakes HOOOOOOOOO

The polls ring with debate, ranging from new rounds of intel in 2165 to profound questions about life, the universe and natural electrical discharges in the atmosphere. None of which distracted the following individuals from significant milestones. Let’s get clapping!

Spybattle 2165
Level 50: Dwarfius, HK-47

Star Pirates
Level 50: Xamlord, Gazelem, Weasel, Harbinger314, Old Flynn, Elric
Level 60: Tim Strongitharm, Grey Ghost
Level 70: StarWolf, Fishboy
Level 100: Soulsnatcher

Special Commendation: LockX for completing Ascension in a Sloop Mk I. Seriously, he got a medal for it and everything. And it was WELL deserved.