SP Ascension Launch Date

So it’s official. The launch date for the FREE Ascension Expansion Pack Beta in Star Pirates will be Tuesday, August 31st at 2pm ST (Server Time). If the stars align, it’s possible that we’ll launch on Friday, August 27th at 2pm.  We will keep you posted throughout the week for timings.

And if you want a taste of the first page of the first required mission in Ascension…here you go.


You’re free from your former masters.

It’s not just your stolen ship opening up the Centauri system, but the pure joy that you can THINK about this. It has been a nightmarish yet exhilarating 36 hours.

Rudely awoken from a dream world to which you can never…must never return, you have finally, miraculously found your way here to freedom in space. Blessedly Alone.

Life will never be the same.

Everything you thought you knew… it was all wrong, planted in your somnolent mind, keeping you tractable, forcing you to obey without question. Planted there by the AI who used you, the masters that kept you enthralled.

Your creators and creation.

Your captors.


You start to see the truth: You knew nothing – you still know next to nothing.

Want more?  Try Ascension in StarPirates.  Remember you need to be Level 40 and up, plus Notorious, to start Ascending.