Sneak Peek: Upcoming Items

(The following was retrieved from the top-secret Snakehead databases, located deep underground in sealed bunkers guarded day and night by especially ferocious cybernetic gorillas. I won’t bore you with the thrilling caper involved in extracting these 100% legit snippets of things to come, I’ll just go ahead and post the raw data without fact-checking it or nothing.

I’m sure it’ll be fine, right?)

A classic form of protective apparel that shield your vulnerable ocular sensors from, say, an oncoming wave of acid. Implementation of the latest AI-approved materials, construction techniques and solid-state combat hardware mean that this indispensable piece of headgear remains as effective as it was centuries ago.
Weapons: +0%
Defense: +0%
Speed: +0%
Chance To Hit: +0%
Chance To Be Hit: -0%
Malfunction Chance: +0%
Critical Damage: +0
Critical Chance: +0%
Reduce Enemy Critical Chance: -0%
Reduce Enemy Critical Damage: -0
Health Points: +0

Orbital-Astronomic Repositioning System
Hailed as the herald of a new age of space travel, “OARS” are a technology the entire AI Council has painstakingly developed for decades before releasing the technology to all Free Captains. The power drain is next to nothing, and requires only a well-motivated or convincingly threatened crew complement to perform at full capacity.
Engines: -99%