Rotating Consumables

There are many different types of equipment in both SpyBattle 2165 and   In fact there are dozens of unique items in each game, and many of those can be upgraded if a player so desires.

There is a class of item that can’t be upgraded, and in fact, is often overlooked. It’s the consumable. Consumables range from temporary boost to stats to items that help you regain health.  Most consumables are fairly easily found although there are the occasional rare consumables such as Finely Aged Alpha Centauri Rum.  Of, course, there are the consumables called Walking Whiskeys that are only given out by the Admins on VERY rare occasions.  So far it has been to signfiy the start of a very important in game event – and on the yearly anniversary of Moderators volunteering in the game.

There is another category of hard-to-get items as well. These are consumables that are only temporarily findables.  These include Stealth items, 20-MB-13-B, and minisprays.  We’re considering adding to this list and making the rotations for these items more standard and more often.  

We’ll have a vote on this, in both games, and post the outcome here.