Mmmmh, delicious catch-up

Happy Friday, Snakehead fans. Are you all enjoying the new assignments and commissions and whatnot? Leveling up nicely? Well, we know that some of you have since we last had this conversation. So who are our stars of the moment?

Spybattle 2165
Level 50: Cyragon, Hammerspace, R805C, Jethro Bond, Takeshi Kovacs, gizmokiller, Suspicious Mole
Level 60: Angel of Death, Michael Westen
Level 70: Zeddwhyte, Koschei
Level 100: Shannon
Level 120: ZeroOne

Special Commendations
– Everyone who participated in the latest Alias contest (126 Fionas at last count, a new record!)
– MiaChele, owner of a shiny new Space Lab! (Those are a pretty penny, but worth every single one…)

Star Pirates
Level 50: Ranlothir, -REBEL3-, Cyragon, Mad Queen Corbeau, daNOMinator, Lady Trystia, Leng, xeno666, Slice, Opus, hammerspace, Yaish, Geodesic, Zanth
Level 60: Burgundy Lotus, Col Blair, theJmtz, Bridgeburners, psychlops
Level 70: Lahi, RaRa, Lee Bear
Level 80: hedd
Level 90: A Filthy Space Hobo, gizmokiller, Arvanaith
Level 100: Hoban Washburne, Slagdar
Level 110: Greenish
Level 190: NinjaPirate

Special Commendation: Loyal Mod makeinu for managing to PM EVERYONE in game. (Why? Why NOT?!?)