In The Midst Of All The Excitement…

…let’s not forget about this week’s levels!

Spybattle 2165
Level 50: Inskipp, LeVar Burton
Level 70: Michael Samuelle

Special Commendation Citation: Qilapid for getting that song stuck in my head. ALL. WEEK. LONG. He knows the one.

Star Pirates
Level 50: 93x74R, Darkhelmet (aaaaaaaaaaaand see below~)
Level 90: Don Karnage
Level 110: Slagdar

Special Commendations: Rand al Thor for spontaneous generosity, and our very own Admin256 for finding the time to reach Level 50!

And speaking of special commendations, we have an announcement to make. Our veteran intern, Mr Matt Collier, is soon to become our latest employee! After taking some time off, he’ll be returning in September. While he won’t stop supporting Coliseum, he’ll have some great content in the pipe for StarCrash as well. Can’t wait!