May The Fourth etc etc

On this momentous day of days, Snakehead fans, we’re catching you up on this week and the last before we return to process of getting this website up to snuff. It’s been a while in the works, and we think you’ll be pleased with the results. But that’s in the future. For now, the present and near-past.

Plenty going on in the past two weeks. Ask Spybattle players about shoes, rocket-powered or not, telephone-equipped or otherwise. Or ask the Star Pirates about zombies. (Man, that bite mark STILL itches something terrible…and I can’t quite shake an irrational craving for headcheese…)

But the biggest thing is our sponsorship/partnership with the witty, thought-provoking and unfailingly hilarious Basic Instructions. Easily one of the best comics out there and, in this scribe’s humble opinion, criminally underappreciated. Why not go on over there and say hello? And tell ’em Snakehead sent you.

Plenty to come, Snakehead fans. But we’re keeping a few surprises in the wings. Expect this blog to be quiet a little longer as we diligently hammer out the new site design. Until then? A couple week’s worth of notable achievements…

Spybattle 2165
Level 50: Steve the Ninja, worstPirate
Level 60: Kaluden
Level 70: Jimmy Bond
Level 80: ManOfTheRats, Mr Awesome
Level 90: Perry the Platypus, Laoch

Special Commendation: Damoore for reaching a million in combined stats!

Star Pirates
Level 50: Rogue42, colonel0sanders, Commander Dusty Attenborough, deathturnip, Arzamas, Johnny Rico, Libertine68
Level 60: Izzo, Spaerhawk, Blackbeard
Level 70: Pyre Light
Level 80: Zoorland
Level 100: Ceymz

Special Commendation: Shinobi finds the first available Stealth Plating, winning a wonderful prize of in-game wine and cake (and on his birthday, no less!)