March On

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for, Snakehead gamers! The finalists have been selected, and the time to vote is now. Head on over to have your say in the big Least I Could Do/Star Pirates “Swede” Competition! (Remember though, the comic is for mature readers and so are the reenactments!)

Remember last week, when we talked about DemoCamp and fresh new faces? Well, here’s another little morsel, as the creator of Word Nerd shows his handiwork off to a rapt audience.

Some other big moments this week as well for our players. Who’re we giving a big hand to this week?

(Star Pirates)
Level 50: Merc Inc, Kwazy, Sto Helit
Level 60: Thorsdotter
Level 90: Hoban Washburne

(Spybattle 2165)
Level 60: Jones, Uniqueusername
Level 70: Grizzly Bear, Vorkosigan