Free Captain Biographical Information (Organised) or … BIOs

The creativity of the StarPirates community has been unleashed. Players are being asked to write up the background story of their Free Captains. As well, they are asked to provide some input on the Free Captains playing styles, personality and more. In exchange, they are getting 3 free Notorious Days, but more importantly community recognition of a story well told.

If you want details on the project, and the BIOs then check it out here. (You must login first)

The idea came about because the community is interested in the community. Many players run contests, help new players, and drive content together in the RP section. Role Playing (RP) is joint storytelling within the confines of the the Game Canon.

Kalel is the driver behind this project. It’s his idea and the work behind it is his too. We asked him a day after the launch how it was going. He seemed pretty happy

This is way more than I thought I would get in the first Day This community has a great imagination, and some can really tell a tale.

Yeah, with 30 BIOs live almost immediately, we Admins have to agree. The response has been Super!