Double the Warp Drive ‘Nando!

You know that we love SciFi web comics.  We love to read ’em, and work with ’em. But sometimes we’re driven to do more.   (yes, that was a terrible pun; wait to see why.)

Anyhoo, we’re big fans of Dave Kellett’s Drive Comic.  It’s the humourous story of a decidely unsexy captain, and the crew of the Machito.  In the young human empire, the unperfected space drive technology is in the hands of one very extended family – La Familia.    Drive has recently spun out of Sheldon, after being found there on weekends for the past months.  It now has it’s spanking brand new site with updates every Saturday. 

Onto the coolest thing:  well I was talking with Dave and said how I’m really enjoying the present storyline, and wish I could get more.  So we worked out a deal where SP is sponsoring 4 extra comics – that’s right doubling up the numbers of Drive comics from now til mid March.

So enjoy!