Doc Lettuce’s Secret to Winning Ascension: Alpha Centauri

Ascension: Alpha Centauri has turned out to be loved by the player community at   As with any project, especially big ones, you’re never 100% sure if folks will like it or just mutter “meh” and walk away.

Happily it turns out that almost everyone that could try ascension, is trying it.  And loving it.  That’s awesome!  Great kudos to our staffer Chord for scripting the tale; the testers who worked hard at ensuring there were essentially no bugs in story, tools or new toys; and everyone who played and kept the “secrets” of the storyline back from those who are a bit further back!

Ascension: Alpha Centauri opened up a new area of space for the game – 3 new planets to explore in the Alpha Centauri system.   It also provided new realms of NPCs in a new storyline for the RPers.  Plus the new item slot – protocols – has been a massive hit with players.   In fact, the first 11 players to complete ascension were just handed their nonfindable protocol, the powerful Hybrid AI Protocol.

These brave 11 are:   [M3N] Doc Lettuce , [DEV] Sunstrike, [M1N] ninjapirate, [DEV] Mr Awesome, [M1N] Bagpuss, [BHG] The Undertaker, [MSG] Greenish, [DEV] Captain Tractor, [RSG] Galaxiana, [RSG] Cagentire and [TBH] crackajack. 


Doc Lettuce also put up a post about his experience in game.  Login first to check it out: 

An excerpt of this can be found below…

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about my little venture through the land of low levels, so I’ll share my experience about it here, keeping spoilers off the books and just giving you a general idea of what I did.

Starting off: I did not plan on making the push to be first. I was expecting a Beta of another game to open on the same night, but it got delayed, and after doing some casual leveling I was the highest level. Thus, I decided I might as well give it a shot.

The Tactics:
– Do a lot of point searches right off the bat. I didn’t spend as many points here as I thought, I got pretty lucky with the searches. I found an Exact Firing Protocol within 1 – 2k points as well as a GBA and a nice little assortment of other items. This got me into a Cruiser MK III or so, and then it was time to hit the levels.

– Use pretty much only the Asteroid Belt to level – I’ll explain a bit more later ^^

– After doing point searching at a low level, wait till I’m 30 and can hit the newest station before doing any more searches. Don’t spend too many points, as the rest of searching will be done at 40 (not 39).

-Have an awesome cheerleader / supporting group, the Ministry chat really helped me through the hours of grind !