Comic Awards – Final Round of Voting!

Three fantastic comics have fought their way to the final round in Snakehead Games’ “Scifi or Gaming Comic Awards”. Voting began on June 5th, 2010, inside, and will run for ten days, until June 15th. Both $1000 grand prizes will be announced officially once voting closes.

Although voting is done internally, to prevent vote fraud, this page will be updated daily so that anyone outside the SP community can have a chance to measure their favourite comic’s progress. The winning comic from this vote round will receive $1000 in advertising from Project Wonderful. (Full contest details can be found here)

If you’d like to help you favourite comic win the grand prize, create a Star Pirates account, and vote in the forum poll before it closes!

Standings, as of June 14th:

Girl Genius – Votes 261
Schlock Mercenary – Votes 175
Legostar Galatica – Votes 277