Coliseum is now live!

Hey everyone, SHG’s newest Game, Coliseum, is live on Facebook! Log into to Facebook today and click here to get started managing your Roman gladiators today!

What is Coliseum About?

You are the manager (lanista) of a group of gladiators. Your goal is to get them to increase their fighting skills until they can take on the biggest fight of their careers at the Coliseum in Rome. If they are victorious, they will be rewarded with a promotion to a Gladiator trainer (Doctores). Adding a Doctore to your Gladiator school will increase the training effectiveness for the rest of your Gladiators for that Gladiator type (ie. Doctores Retarii increases Retarius Gladiator training).

You start off with no Gladiators but with a few coins in your purse. In order to hire new Gladiators, you need to pay a fee. There will be various Gladiators available at any one time with varying prices and abilities. Your first action should be to purchase a Gladiator. The total number of Gladiators that you can control is determined by the number of beds that you have in each city. You can then command your Gladiator to train, fight or quest. Training will increase their basic skills and allow them to fight bigger opponents. Fighting will increase their experience allowing them to move up the ranks. As the manager of a winning fighter you earn money. Questing will allow them to occasionally find money, new weapons and armor to improve their fighting, and other items (potions).

As your Status grows, you will be invited to participate in fights in arenas in other cities. As cities get closer to Rome, they will generally provide larger purses and have better quests. In order to send a Gladiator to a new city, the Gladiator must have a high enough Reputation.

If the link above doesn’t work for you, this address can be cut and pasted when you are logged into Facebook: